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Level Monster Name Type Size Alignment Voted
7 Shinglelurk Aberration Huge N No
10 Windborne Dead Undead Medium CE No
6 Rope Golem Construct Large N No
7 Unraveler Astral Medium CN No
1 Living Proof Construct Tiny N No
8 Astringent Armor Construct Medium N No
2 Venomous Snakedead Undead Medium NE No
6 Fylaka Monitor Large N No
20 Kharozat Fiend Large NE No
9 Living Library Construct Medium N No
8 Living Blade Construct Medium NE No
9 Gymnophobia Aberration Large CE No
17 Prismatic Ooze Ooze Large N No
10 Ferropaceon Elemental Large N No
7 Othruni Fey Medium CN No
2 Zuggle Elemental Small CN No
15 Orb of Insanity Construct Tiny CE No
5 skotogelia Fey Tiny LN No
7 Mechanical Artillerist Construct Large N No
5 Chamber Ooze Ooze Large N No
0 G'mayun Humanoid Small CN No
6 Cloaked Gouger Fey Medium NE No
4 Ardeodaemon (Loss Daemon) Fiend Small NE No
1 Springjaw Doll Construct Small N No
6 Trodaiche-Sidhe Fey Medium CN No
4 Sanguine Rose and Grave Lilly Plant Large NE No
2 Galtzagorri Fey Tiny CN No
7 Knotsman Construct Medium N No
9 Keepsake Guardian Humanoid Large NE No
1 Blood Mouse Beast Tiny N No
6 Fungal Raptor Fungus Medium N No
4 blue dragon slug Animal Small N No
8 Slaugh Undead Large NE No
5 Garataur Beast Large NE No
8 Coquecigrue Aberration Small N No
3 Dryad Husk Fey Medium CE No
4 Salt Stalker Beast Medium N No
12 Corpsesewn Colossus Construct Huge NE No
15 Necroflesh Monarch Undead Gargantuan NE No
12 Unarmored Spirit Medium CE No
4 Ink horror Aberration Medium CN No
23 Semuvig (the paw's monkey) Undead Small CE No
6 Dundrath Humanoid Large CE No
14 Dredgenaut Construct Large N No
11 Mute Horror Aberration Huge CE No
8 Myzoform Aberration Large NE No
10 Arcarayut Monitor Small LN No
8 Mwangi Mantis Swarm Animal Large N No
4 Killing Intent Ethereal Medium NE No
6 Ruin Warden Construct Medium LN No
4 Runebranded Aurochs Animal Large N No
12 JiKou Aberration Tiny LE No
8 Mafneith Beast Large N No
11 Lost Savior Undead Medium LE No
2 shale spitter Animal Medium N No
7 Creusadaemon Fiend Medium NE No
10 Osphranteal Celestial Large NG No
10 Thorn crawler Plant Huge N No
8 mechanical maître d' Construct Large N No
12 Butcher Booth Aberration Gargantuan CE No
2 Whispy Wayfarer Spirit Small NE No
2 Shadow Thief Aberration Small N No
8 misguided protector Fey Medium LN No
4 Hangman's Ransom Plant Medium N No
1 Living Harrow Deck Construct Tiny N No
8 Warp Wyrm Dragon Medium NE No
5 Temporal Manifestation Elemental Medium N No
3 Eyesore Ooze Medium N No
0 Scroll Mold Fungus Tiny N No
3 toy spy Construct Tiny N No
4 Parrotbear Animal Large N No
7 Phase Tiger Beast Medium CE No
10 skeletal monstrosity Undead Gargantuan NE No
6 Arboreal Eeko Plant Small CG No
2 Iron Fern Plant Medium N No
5 Feld Hag Humanoid Medium CE No
5 Sklaggan Fiend Medium NE No
5 Retrievers Construct Medium N No
12 Irivyrn Dragon Huge CN No
3 Mogadb Animal Large N No
6 Solovei Beast Medium CE No
5 Reaver Beaver Beast Medium NE No
5 Giant Death's Head Ascidian Animal Medium N No
2 Wildfire Leshy Plant Small CG No
11 puppeteer Construct Medium N No
3 Parasite Husk Medium NE No
2 Toy Swarm Construct Large N No
8 Senidaemon (Entropy Daemon) Fiend Medium NE No
7 Sapphire Drake Dragon Large NE No
4 Shadowless Drake Aberration Small NE No
4 Memento Devil Fiend Medium LE No
7 Veenlijk Undead Medium NE No
8 Excubitor Fiend Medium LE No
15 Matrona Construct Gargantuan LE No
3 Swarm Assassin Humanoid Medium LN No
2 silk-tailed beetle Beast Small N No
7 Hook Hanger Humanoid Medium NE No
6 Coromn [Crown Devil] Medium LE No
10 Hieroglyph Scorpion Construct Medium N No
6 Ghostwriter Spirit Medium CE No
4 Hearth Hound Beast Medium N No