Superstar™ presented by Roll for Combat

The Little Monster That Could.

After a few delays, judging hundreds of entries, public voting, and carefully reviewing all of the Top 101 monsters, we are proud to declare the Grand Prize winner of the RPG Superstar 2020 contest presented to you by Roll For Combat!

And the Grand Prize Winner is the Shale Spitter by Brant Vallier! There were so many amazing entries and unique monsters with abilities that we had never seen before, but this little old level 2 Shale Spitter was overwhelming voted as the Grand Prize winner.

Of course, there are 100 other winners as well, all of which we can’t wait for you to use in your game and kill those pesky PCs! Make sure to check out all of the winning entries in the RPG Superstar 2020 Winners Section!

So where do we go from here, you might ask? Well, selecting the winning monsters was the easy part. Now we need to create the 160-page Roll For Combat Battlezoo Bestiary, which will feature all of the winning entries, expanded entries for the Grand prize and Platinum prize monsters, as well as a few new surprises!

We have some of the top RPG editors and authors working with us to develop the Battlezoo Bestiary to ensure that it’s a top-quality book and something you can use in your games for years to come. Expect to hear more about the Battlezoo Bestiary in the upcoming weeks and the ability to order the physical book and PDF in early 2021.

Of course, we’ll keep everyone updated during the development process. We’ll post pictures of the final monsters, additional monster entries, and other surprises throughout development.

As for the RPG Superstar site itself, we aren’t going anywhere! The site will continue to exist, so you can make and share as many monsters as you wish. Plus, we are already working on the RPG Superstar 2021 contest! Make sure to follow Roll For Combat on Twitter, Facebook, and Discord to keep up on the latest status of next year’s contest. We expect to launch RPG Superstar 2021 in the Spring of 2021, and it will be similar, but different than this year’s contest.

Again, congratulations to all of this year’s winners and stay tuned for more contests, prizes, and surprises!

Stephen Glicker
RPG Superstar Host

RPG Superstar 2020 has ended, but look for RPG Superstar 2021 next year!